Norm’s Videos

Meet the mastermind behind HH Remodeling – Norm Rieger.

With his expertise and years of experience in the home remodeling industry, Norm knows just what it takes to create stunning living spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Check out his collection of informative videos on home renovation and remodeling, and get ready to spice up your next project with some fresh and exciting ideas.

Dog Bloopers!

What are Zoning Boards?

What Happens when Contractors do Estimates?

When to Start Planning YOUR Home Renovation!

What HH Remodeling Does Best!

Best Kitchen EVER!?!

Plan Ahead! with HH Remodeling Company

Name Our Podcast!!!

Siding for Your Home Renovation

HH Remodeling Co: Year of the Finished Basement!

5 Stars from Lisa!

Finding the RIGHT contractor!

Thank you Lauren!

2 Things To Increase Your Home Value!

Decks 101!

How did HH Remodeling start?

Our First Ever Podcast!

Renovations in Glen Rock, NJ!

What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

Custom Framework!

The 3 Most Important Doors!

Turning a Garage Into an In-Law Suite!

Framing in Bergen County!

New Work Trucks!

What is a Mud Room?!?

Everything YOU need to know about WINDOWS!

What is the importance of Trimwork?


In-Law Suite Renovations!

Fire Draft Stopping

Hardwood Floor Facts!

Do YOU have the right insulation?

What is Vent Piping?

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